Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dukno Yoon

I am honored and excited to participate in the YUMA Symposium 2018 as one of the presenters. 
My artistic journey started from a fascination with machine and has been an exploration of mechanism for its purely minimal form and vitality from interactive movements. 
In my main kinetic work series “Wings,” I place a pair of feathers on the tip of the finger or on the top of a metronome pendulum. The feathers are devised to flap as the wearer bends the finger or the metronome ticks. Mechanically constrained, fragile feathered wings come to life and resonate with wearers and viewers. They are intriguing and whimsical, yet evoke sympathy as if holding a fragile life in your hand or reflecting on a life in the mechanized world.
The presentation will also include other projects including collaboration with costume designers for television shows in Korea, for which I created various metal props. Also, I will share how digital processes have evolved my design and studio practices.

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  1. This year the symposium is Feb. 22 - 24...