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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Adam Ekberg

I am excited to speak at the Yuma Arts Symposium and I look forward to discussing my work in terms of intentionality and the creative process.
I am interested in representing the ephemeral, transitory, and delicate balance between presence and absence. While these are all arguably serious things, my work has a playfulness to it that hopefully creates a space for viewers that is simultaneously poignant and funny.
My photographs are all unmanipulated pictures of events that I make happen in the world. They exist at least long enough to be photographed. The creation of these photographic moments often requires a friend to do an odd activity, a commonplace object to be repurposed, or a remote location where less explanations to passersby are required. Along the way I have come to appreciate this part of my practice—the misadventure, fumbling, and even failure that eventually leads to realizing the image I wish to make.

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