Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tom Lamb - 2018 YAS Presenter

Tom Lamb

Many years ago at Summervail we heard of the YUMA symposium from Neely and Peter however it took a few too many years for me to actually get to Yuma and have been returning as often as possible ever since.

During my visit this year, I want to give an update on the Summervail Art Workshop Legacy Project we are working on: What - are and going

SummerVail Art Workshop Poster

As a presenter, I will be talking briefly about where I came from and how I got inspired by the YUMA Art Symposium and of course the opportunity to present my current aerial photography. I call the series the view from here Marks on the Land


Birch Road

Figure Drawing

Stitch Over Time

I am interested in the abstract balance between the natural world and man's mark on the land. Soaring above ground, leaning out of the open side of the helicopter. Looking toward earth, directing the pilot to spin around, dip the nose, fly sideways or backwards, and even cut the engines to float downward-all to capture the right image. With a helicopter and its pilot, it's like doing a dance the higher the flatter the perspective - creating the abstract work is my dream state.




LA River

As a landscape and ethnographic photographer, I use photography as my primary tool, along with pioneering trends in new media. Through the art of storytelling, I create memorable photographs championing environmental awareness.

Tom Lamb

My introduction to the art movement, Abstract Expressionism, came while I was a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1970s. At that time, I was fortunate to assist Aaron Siskind well known for his abstract photographic work exploring the microcosm of humanity.

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